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Hair Extension Services

Take time out for beauty and view my range of hair extensions...

Micro Ring

A stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extension is a method of fitting that involves the use of a fixture, such as a micro ring or micro tube, to keep the hair extension in place without the use of heat or glue.  Stick tip/i-tip/micro ring hair extensions are known to be one of the safest hair extension methods available. This means when the micro rings are fitted, if done by a true professional, will be non-invasive on the natural hair.


The micro ring hair extension method requires 160 bonds for a standard full head of double drawn extensions.  This is the same for all Remy hair types such as; Indian Remy, Mongolian Remy, or Russian Remy hair.  Please note with thick - extremely thick hair you will need 200 strands as a full head minimum. All of our hair extensions come in lengths ranging from 12 inches up to a huge 30 inches!

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fusion bonds lichfield

Keratin Bonds

A favorite of many women today, keratin extensions are also one of the older, more traditional ways to install hair extensions. Customers and stylists alike are in love with this method, and are never tired of praising its installation, natural results and of course, durability. When women go to have keratin fusions installed, they can rest assured that their outcome is going to be amazing.

The installation process usually takes about two and a half to three hours depending on how much hair needs to be installed.

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions can last up to three months depending on your hair routine at home. To keep them looking like new, using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner will help prevent the bonds from loosening. A detangle brush is required for hair extension maintenance because it will not pull on the hair at the root which will prevent slipping of the bond. 

Oil-Based hair products can break  down the bond, therefore they should not be used near the bond at all.

The removal process creates little to no damage to your natural hair.

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Hair Extension Services

Not only do we provide hair extensions but we offer a variety of installation methods for our clients. We will be helping you in this section to form a greater understanding of each method to help to decide which method is best for you.. along with the advice of our hair extensions fitting team so we can find the correct fit for you.

We provide the following:

  • Micro ring hair extensions

  • Nano ring hair extensions

  • Keratin bond hair extensions

  • Shrinkies hair extensions

  • LA Weave 

  • Tape In hair extensions

Take a look below at each service or simply book an appointment now...

Here are some more hair extension methods to consider...

tape in hair extensions lichfield

Tape Ins

Tape in hair extensions are the most sought-after extension fitting method on the market. We offer this method in a variety of lengths and colours, all made with 100% Remy human hair. They are hand-crafted by experts and double-drawn, ensuring that there is minimal shedding. Tape-ins are the quickest installation method of all the hair extension methods that last six weeks before maintenance is needed.

LA Weave

LA weave is a unique system of hair extensions that use:

  • No heat

  • No glue

  • No bonds

  • No braids

  • No plaits

LA Weaves unique method of attaching wefted hair to natural hair is much kinder than other methods of hair extensions, as it requires no heat or chemicals.  The base of the foundation is created using LA Weave standard or silicone rings, removing the use of a braid that is used in traditional weaves, this foundation is then used to hold the weft to the hair.  LA Weave lasts for up to 12 weeks and can be worn continuously without the need for a break, as when the weave is ready to be taken out it can be reapplied to different sections of hair.

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I will listen to your needs and preferences to create a look you’ll love.

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